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How to find out what your love language is. If you are like me, this was something I never heard of before. But I came across this and thought it was pretty accurate. Let me explain what this phenomenon is all about.https://markfennell.ie/what-is-my-love-language To put it simply, it is the way in which we feel love when others do one of the following five things below. Love languages are defined as verbal and non-verbal communications between couples which improve the mental and physical well-being of both partners. These mutual expressions and actions help to build up a nurturing environment in which couples can improve both their emotional and physical intimacy levels. Here are what we call the Love Languages:

Words of Affirmation.
These aren’t empty words, but instead, genuine encouraging words. Compliments that make you feel uplifted. It may even put a smile on your face.

Acts Of Service
Doing a service for your partner. It could be cooking a meal, of that DIY job they have mentioned. It may even be simply putting out the bins. It is putting yourself aside and doing something for the other partner.

Receiving Gifts
We all like to receive gifts, but if this is your love language, receiving a gift means alot. Its not even the quality of the gift, but instead the actual act of receiving.

Quality Time
This isn’t about what you do, but rather just being with the person will make them feel loved. Of course it is nice to do stuff, but thats not what its about.

Physical Touch
It is what it says but isn’t always SEX! It may be a kiss, holding hands, or a massage. Its simply touch.

Here is a simple test to find out yours.
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