Is Curiosity Bad?

“It’s only hash”, he said. “It’s not gonna kill you like those other drugs out there”. The words one friend said to another. There was Paul sitting there, contemplating what should he do. He always wanted to try hash but something kept him from doing it, but now the opportunity had come and here was Brian trying to get him to take a blast. Curiosity, that is what Paul told me in later years had caused him to fall to this temptation.Mark Fennell

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But SIN is fun!

Having a conversation with a friend the other day and we got talking about God. The simple reason was he felt God had so many rules that it was almost impossible to obey them all. He liked having a few pints with the lads, getting drunk, and chasing after girls with a chance he might get a kiss or even more. He said how he actually liked doing what the Bible mostly says not to do. What he was talking about was true, for many people, some sin is fun.i like sin

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Is Online Dating OK? a guest blog

For many people the shortage of potential partners is a travesty. This results in us being creative in ways we can meet that special somebody. But as my talkshow recently discovered, the jury is divided on whether online dating is ok for a Christian to do. So I asked Annmarie (whom used online dating and met her husband through it) what she thought, and here is her opinion that she wrote me…Christian Online Dating

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How to be a Superhero

Can I be happy? Can I be successful? Or how about prosperous, secure, peaceful, or even just content in my life? We all want the best for our lives. We hope to be the best we can be. But in life there can be much resistance to the emotional bliss and great successes we once thought we would possess. That is exactly why I wrote this blog, so keep reading 😉markfennell Continue reading

The Time Waster

With life as busy as it is, we all need every minute God gives us. But sometimes there are things that will suck up time and energy, almost like a super powered Dyson attached to our heads. There is one culprit that we all know. An emotion that can waste your time and even make you sick. Here is an article that might help from me (Mark Fennell) to you.mark fennell Continue reading