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Let me help you to overcome the stress and overwhelm in your life.
This workshop will teach you strategies to get your peace of mind back.

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This is a recorded workshop I ran earlier in the year. Duration 1 hour 20 minutes and it can be watched by you at anytime and as much as you like through your phone or computer.

Stress can impact us mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

A common problem that can also lead to stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Many spinning plates, juggling lots of balls, and that sense of overwhelm can be debilitating.
In this course I want to help you get equipped with the tools and strategies that I know can help give you the peace your life deserves.
Get back your freedom to enjoy life, your peace of mind, and live with more of a healthy balanced life.

Is this workshop for you?

Can you answer YES to any of the following?

  • Feel stressed most days?
  • Feel overwhelmed at times?
  • Want to start things but get overwhelmed and don’t start?
  • Have a constant battle with feeling stressed mentally?
  • Suffer with physical issues due to stress?
  • Have lots to do but not enough time?
  • Lack balance in your life?
  • Have a to do list that never gets finished?

What you will discover:

  • Mindset mistakes and types explained
  • Overthinking & Perfectionism
  • How and why overwhelm happens so easy
  • How to manage stress
  • How to control our subconscious
  • Creating a better perspective
  • Dealing with the “WHAT IF’s?”
  • How to get balance & deal with that “TO DO “ list
  • Tools to overcome overwhelm
  • Physical Strategies to overcome stress
  • How comparison impacts us
  • Creating a life on our terms

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Let me help you overcome that stress and overwhelm that is robbing your peace.



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