Are you an effective team?

Are you and your partner an effective team? If you have seen the movie Oblivion, you will remember the line from mission control as they check in on the team operatives. Each transmission would end with the question “Are you an effective team?”. Now I do love a good sci-fi movie, but I’m not chatting about the movie in the blog. I want to ask YOU reading this article. I want to ask… Are YOU and effective team??? Keep reading and I’ll explain why.lifecoach

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The Simpsons or The Flanders…which are you?

Is your home more like the Simpsons than the Flanders house? What advantage is there in having a Godly home? Why bother with grace at meals, or why have the family pray together? Maybe you never even thought about it until you saw the title of this post. In our lives today, is having a “Godly home” any advantage to us? And what is a Godly home? SimpsonsMarkFennell Continue reading