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My BBC Life Coach Story

I’ve been life coaching and business coaching in Ireland and overseas for many years. But one Monday morning as I sat reading my emails there was an email from the BBC, not your everyday occurrence. I’ve worked with many radio and tv stations over the years but this was a first. This is my BBC life coach story that I can now share with you.

The BBC asked me to be a part of this top secret investigation. I remember thinking real hard about this role they wanted me to play. I am not about pointing fingers so I stressed to them that I will do it if they explained the objective to me. My role was going to protect the good that life coaches do and by sharing from my experience of the life coaching and wellness industry. This would protect people in the future from being mislead.

They couldn’t tell me who or what was being investigated, all they told me was they wanted me to share my thoughts on life coaching and what it is and what it isn’t. Such as what is an actual life coach, what qualifications should one have and what is a business coach. What is the difference between the two and how does life coaching work. I spoke with them for hours and answered many of their questions. There was also a life coaching session with myself and the head of the investigation Catrin Rye.

Global attention was achieved

I was honoured to be in this role. The hard part was I had to keep my BBC life coach story quiet for months until it aired on tv. It was also made into a podcast on which I am on episode 3. I was to work with their top journalist and researcher in a role to give sessions and share from my experience and qualifications what is best practise. I was amazed at the research they did and how thorough they are. It was a great experience and I liked the fact I had no clue who the investigation was about as I was able to speak from my behalf rather than criticise another organisation.

Made all the UK papers

When the BBC aired the story it made all the UK papers and digitally online it was a global success around the world. The show is called “A Very Brittish Cult”. The podcast trended in the number one spot on iTunes and Spotify for weeks. I had no idea how big this story would become. When I eventually saw the full story I couldn’t believe the scale of it and the stories that it shared. I never thought in all these years of coaching and mentoring people I’d have the task of working with the BBC, a pinch me moment. Scroll down to listen to the full documentary.

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