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I was listening to a conversation based off what older people whom were nearing the end of their lives wished they had done better. What were their biggest regrets. The five biggest and most common regrets are sad to hear but it is also inspiring. As you will hear from my latest episode we can put this knowledge to use.

So the good news is this is a positive episode. I also share what I went through this year that gave me a new appreciation for life, and funnily  enough it gave me a very real reminder of what exactly is important in life and how a healthy perspective is key.

I’ll go through the 5 biggest regrets and what you can do so they don’t become regrets of yours. I know we all need reminding and for me this episode sums it up. I definitely believe the one of “being true to you” is certainly something we all need reminding of. With society, social media, the workplace canteen chatter, and all the other places we find ourselves in a given week, there are constant pressures to fit in. Of course we all want to “fit in” or belong. But when we sacrifice our beliefs and what we value. When we say “yes” when we want to say “no”. We aren’t being true to ourselves just so we fit in.

One of my take aways is this, no matter what we go true in life and how much we desire to fit in, let us not make the mistake of not being ourselves. I hope none of us when we are old and grey have the regret “I wish I was more true to me”. Anyway enjoy the episode and I’d be so grateful if you subscribe and share the episode on social media, it might help someone somewhere.

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