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We all have a story to tell of when something didn’t work out for you. A time in the past, or perhaps it is currently something you are going through right now. With that said todays episode from This Adult Life the podcast is a strategy on how to find the message from that mess. Gaining perspective on a past or current situation.

I share a story of a man who had an incredible perspective after he loses everything in a fire.

I share a key strategy to find good in the bad, and to really grasp this make sure to listen to the podcast. Simply put its how to find these 3 things:

1: What was my past success .

2: What drove me to go after it.

3: What were the challenges I faced.

I know you have a story of past pain, but I also know you have a story of success. This is all about gaining perspective. That thing you wanted and succeeded in getting. Maybe it was a promotion, a relationship, a home, or whatever it was. Todays podcast will certainly encourage you, of that I am sure.

To enjoy the podcast you can listen to it below, but make sure to connect with me for the latest personal development & Life Coaching content on my newsletter HERE

Listen here, and if you like the podcast, please share it to the world and tag me, it is always so encouraging.


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