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Sometimes there are things that will suck up time and energy, almost like a super powered Dyson attached to our heads. There is one culprit that we all know. An emotion that can waste your time and even make you sick. Here is an article that might help from me to you.

What are the emotional time wasters? The simple truth is we are very familiar with them. In fact they are no stranger to anybody. The real fact is we allow these things to fester and draw off our mind and emotions. Let me go through one major emotional time waster.


This is a notorious culprit in the lives of many. It starts with a negative thought and then it likes to grow and grow until your entire being is consumed. Worry can take over your every thought if not nipped in the early stages. It will create images and emotions of a negative nature. As it is an emotion, it will produce and anxious reaction in the body. It can effect your mental health as well as your physical health.

Sweating, raised heart rate, elevated blood pressure, lack of concentration, agitation, and the list goes on. The term “worried sick” can be literally correct. You can cause your body all sorts of sicknesses that are induced by worry. Headaches, feeling sick, are some of the minor afflictions. It affects your sleep, & your thinking. Studies also say it will compromise your entire immune system which can leave you open to all sorts of colds, flues and worse.

So can you in your right mind see anything positive in worry?

Is there anything good that can come from worry?

I’m sure you’ll agree there is absolutely no good that will come from worrying, yet we can easily fall into the worry trap. There will always be something to worry about, but there will always be the choice whether we choose to worry or not. Its not a case of not caring, but a case of not worrying. The reason I say this is because some people will down right not care about something that warrants caring for, others will worry like crazy about it, but the ideal response is to care for the potential problem, without being worried. If something causes your concern that is ok provided you don’t allow worry to start and take over.

Worry is a natural thing but it can become toxic and this is what we need to be aware of. When it robs your time and energy, its gone too far. The truth is worry doesn’t achieve anything positive and is an ultimate time waster.

It causes people to talk obsessively about their concern, thinking constantly about it, losing sleep over it, and totally blinding you from any positives worth noting in a situation.

Next time a situation or thought pops up trying to lure you into a pit of worry, you need to say to yourself “worry won’t help this problem go away, nor will it fix the problem.”

Worry will try make any problem bigger…but you can choose to listen to it or not. Hope I’ve been of help and if you would like to join my free mailing list you are more than welcome!

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