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Why should I forgive? They don’t deserve my forgiveness for the pain and hurt they caused me.

Does forgiving make it all ok? Why should I let them off the hook? But what they did was wrong!

What I hear when I mention forgiveness and I agree with all these statements. Maybe they do or don’t deserve to be forgiven, no forgiveness doesn’t let them off the hook. Yes what they did was wrong. But in this episode I share my own experience and from those I have worked with about how forgiving someone actually is life changing to its giver.

If you’ve had your heart broken, been mistreated, had your trust broken, or been on the receiving end of abuse. This podcast is for you.

There is a power in forgiveness and it is something we don’t always hear about. Please do share the episode because as you’ll hear in the podcast, it might just help someone who needs to hear it.




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