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Believe it or not we all have six needs in common. Six things that we all need in order to live a fulfilled life. We may lack in areas at times but it is fixable. These six things are elements, and they can be expanded, and this post is a general perspective about the six basic needs. When you understand these six needs you may solve some problems you are having.Before we look at the six needs we all need in life, let me explain how they effect our future. We will feel stronger about one need over the other and this can define what we pursue in life. We tend to pursue the need we enjoy the experience of and put value on. Let us have a look at the six needs and I’ll explain more in awhile. These are in no specific order by the way:

  • Certainty

We all like certainty. This is basically security in life. From our identity, to relationships, to financial status, we all like security, for this means safety. In society today it can be hard to find security in these things and hence anxieties can surface. But to combat these fears, we need to just embrace the unknown and hope for the best. The clients that I find get through uncertain times a little easier, are those that develop an optimistic attitude.

  • Challenge

We all think a great life style is living in a hot country and sitting on the beach everyday. This is nice for a time but we would find that we would actually get pretty bored. We are all in-built with a need for challenge. Adventure, obstacles to overcome, and journeys to travel is a major part of us. This is why we need to pursue goals and embrace the challenges they bring. Sports, computer games, are all enjoyable challenges that fill the void, so it’s a matter of figuring out what challenge you would enjoy, we are all different. You may think you don’t like challenge but everyone likes to win.

  • Significance

Every person will agree that feeling needed and significant gives us self worth. We want to be part of something. We may not all aspire to be president, but a simple thing like being part of a family and playing our part can offer huge significance. For example, a complaint I’ve heard from people on occasion is they don’t feel significant or even needed. Or a person who feels she has nothing to offer and spends life on the sideline. It doesn’t have to be that way, we all are significant, and we all have great value. We might just need to change how we view ourselves.

  • Love

This is the one most people will guess straight away. However we all need to receive love and we all need to give love. Doing a kind deed, or showing your love to somebody can be on different degrees, but it all has a huge positive effect on us. Of course receiving love is the other part of the pie and is also vital. But to understand love, we must be able to give it and receive it.

  • Growth

Our minds are designed to learn. From subconscious to conscious we are constantly learning and growing. We are made that way. To learn and grow constantly, and when we aren’t growing we can drift into discontent with life. Personally, spiritually, and financially, we all need to grow over our lifetime.

  • Emotions

We all need emotions, and generally the positive types. Emotions make us feel alive. We all have positive and negative emotions, but as a whole they make us feel, and by feeling we define ourselves as human. It’s good to be able to feel emotions, and it’s a need in order to feel alive. Emotions can be positive or negative, and it’s good to not let emotions take control but they are a part of us and how boring it would be if we had no emotions. Work on building a life that brings you happiness.

So there they are. The six needs of every human being. Depending on which one we prioritise can decide what career, relationships, and future paths we may take. But do realise that we need all six and they ultimately lead to fulfilment. Getting a balance and not negating one for the other is key. Hope this helps and if you would like to subscribe to my newsletter you can or please comment below.



  • Maura Haughey says:

    Hi totally agree with everything you have written. All 6. It took me a good few years to get where i am now. but i have a balance of all six now, not perfectly but a good balance i think. trusting in god 100% definitely helps, which i only started doing about one year and a half ago, Which results in me been much happier. So happy days ūüôā My life is not perfect but its a lot better that’s for sure. especially since i trust him a 100%. i still have my ups and down days, been Patient is the hardest. Changing your way of thinking (to positive) helps so much. Its good to read all of these and realise how far i have come on in life. im still learning which i love. So i thank god for that. and thank you for this post.

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