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Ten ways to a better you. Why not decide today to do some home improvements on yourself. Forget how bad the world is and focus on YOU. Here are 10 ways to the new you, the better you, the happier you.

1: Make a decision.
Make the decision that no matter what happens you will keep to your decision of self improvement. Let your YES be a YES. Decide now that even when troubles come you will not give up on your decision of self improvements.

2: Be specific.
Be specific on the areas you want to improve on.
Here are some of the parts of our lives, look at each part and see what would I like to improve. Areas to improve like:
– Relationships
– Family
– Career
– Friends
– Skills
– Finances
– Image
– Eating
– Mental Health

Be specific and write down your areas that need improvement.

3: Educate yourself.
Learn, study, read, and find out what you can to train yourself to be a better you. Get a life coach, ask people who might help point you in the direction. Refusing to learn is refusing to progress.

4: Put a plan in place.
This might include a time in each day, or every two days, that you set aside to invest in the area of improvement. It could be time in the gym, time to do a course, time to read, or whatever is relevant to your progress. Be disciplined and stick with it.

5: Consistency is better than occasional brilliance.
Don’t be a once a week person, be an every day person. What I mean is, whatever area you want to improve on, have something to do with this task in every day. It might be more some days than others, but have it every day and the progress will be steady.

6: Partner up.
This can sometimes be a great help, when you find somebody or a group that is on the same journey as you. It can keep you accountable and help your focus.

7: Be willing to change.
This is the hardest thing for most. They want to improve, yet they don’t want to change. To grow is to change, don’t forget that. For if you had it all together there would be no room for improvement…there is always room for improvement.

8: It may not be a public proclamation.
You may have an area that is personal and you don’t want to tell the world about. But it is good to tell somebody if possible.. The reason for this is they may have suggestions on books for example, or websites. But they will also encourage you.

9: Have a good motto.
Most people who succeed in life have internal mottos. Sayings that stick with them, things that motivate them and can be recanted in a seconds notice. A slogan, a saying. Find one that will be there for your journey.

10: Seek out peace and happiness.
Yes seek out happiness. A happy person is more productive and positive. Avoid the unnecessary conflict, distractions, and troubles. There will be enough you cannot avoid, so don’t add to your journey unnecessary baggage. Keep the peace, and find time to relax and find your inner peace. Stress and tiredness drain strength.

I do hope this helps you on your way to the new you. If I can be of any help just email me.
Be strong, be focused, and when you fall just get back up.

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