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“I just feel stuck”

one of the most commonly heard statements I’ve heard in my 20-plus years of life coaching people. The reason I wrote my first book called Breakthrough is because we can all get stuck at times in life.

Maybe your stuck because of your past, or your thinking thoughts you wish you could stop, or perhaps your emotions feel a way that you would love to change, or maybe things haven’t gone to plan and you now feel stuck.

Maybe a diagnosis has floored you. Perhaps stuck because of things that happened that were out of your control and blew your life off course like a bomb going off.

Maybe a relationship break up, or pain from hurt, or just not feeling you are fulfilled with how life is. We can get stuck for many reasons and my book covers them all.

It can feel like the captain of a ship with no direction to sail, just merely bobbing on the ocean without a purpose but merely surviving the storms of life with no direction.

Breakthrough is the book I wish I had when things got tough

We can all feel stuck at times but there is a way to breakthrough that feeling of being stuck and open up your life to its full potential.

There is a solution to stuck and we can all achieve it and breakthrough whatever life has thrown at us that may be holding us back in life.

Life can be cruel but that doesn’t mean hope is gone.

Life can be hard but that doesn’t mean there no future.

Life can be sad but that doesn’t mean you won’t smile again.

My book Breakthrough is filled with stories and strategies of how clients got their breakthroughs in many areas of life, but also my own experiences that shaped me into the coach I am today. A book built to inspire, motivate, encourage and lead you toward a life that makes you smile. 😃

A book to help you breakthrough and reach your full potential in life. What if you could go from feeling stuck to becoming unstoppable!

If you want to become who you are meant to be and go from stuck to unstoppable, buy yourself a copy of Break Through By Mark Fennell.

You can purchase Breakthrough at these links below:

EASONS.ie: Click here to buy Breakthrough on Easons

AMAZON.co.uk: Click here to buy Breakthrough on Amazon

BOOKS.ie: Click here to buy Breakthrough on Books.ie

If you would like Mark to come and give a talk at your event you can contact him here: CONTACT MARK

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