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I had the pleasure of chatting on Ireland AM recently regarding my article on Corona Phobia. So many people are struggling to grasp the new norm and how they can navigate this new norm and stay safe from coronavirus. But for many the fear of the virus has debilitated them. You can watch the interview below and I would encourage you to check out the full article and podcast itself. The link is just below the video interview with IrelandAM.

It is no surprise we all fear Covid19 but we can have a quality of life even though it exists in the world today. In this interview I discuss the signs and symptoms of Corona Phobia. There is hope and we can through perseverance get back to a happy and enjoyable new norm.

In the full article and podcast at the link below I discuss some of the common questions like:

What is Corona Phobia?

What are the signs of Corona Phobia?

How do I overcome Corona Phobia?

Discover all these answers in the article and podcast here:


Coronaphobia Overcoming The Fear

How to overcome the fear and tips that work

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