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For salon & beautician owners and employees.

This live course will help you get focused, motivated and ready for your reopen.
Facing the back to work fear and anxiety.
Personal & business coach Mark Fennell will facilitate this training with the insights that will stir you up and get you ready to get back to work.
Organised by the Irish Hair Federation.

Salon Ticket: €200 plus vat
Single Ticket: €40 plus vat

May 6th from 11am till 1pm.

90 minutes of training followed by 30 minutes of interactive Q&A. Training via zoom.

life coach mark fennell

Training includes:

  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Boxing off & facing fear
  • Getting a mindset to win
  • Recharging confidence
  • Spark your motivation 
  • Building determination
  • Strategies to have a great start
  • Being your best

This Course is for You

Over a decade of business mentoring has enabled me to clearly identify what works and what doesn’t for individuals and teams. Being a business owner myself I have a huge passion for helping entrepreneurs to create a plan and strategy that brings your concepts to reality. Helping you discover your strengths and a mindset that will keep you focused and protect you from being overwhelmed. Empowering your skills and strengths.

Laser focus and a mindset that is bulletproof is my objective when I work with business owners and CEO’s. Being a business owner myself for almost 20 years I know what challenges we can face when it comes to employees and ourselves.

“I feel like an imposter”

“Everyone is doing a better job than me”

You deserve to be you’re best self. You deserve to be your most confident self. Now is the moment so why not take it and discover your inner strength that is locked up inside.

Your future self will thank you for it.

Book your place at my course so we can work together.



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