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Single or in a relationship this course is for you.

Learn what it takes to make your relationship stronger, happier, trusting, and fun.

Mark is 18 years married and has coached hundreds of couples.
Find out what really works.

Only €99

Two evenings of training & strategies with Mark via Zoom.
Followed by Q&A’s.
Feb 23rd & March 2nd 8pm

man woman relationship course

What the course includes

Discover how to make your relationship stronger, happier, trusting, and fun

Married for over 18 years and having coached and mediated for dozens of couples I discovered what works and what doesn’t.

This course is for you whether you are SINGLE or MARRIED or anything in between.

Keys to building a happy and healthy relationship.

Discover how to find the ONE and how to break toxic patterns.

This course is practical, straight to the point, as we go through the training with a Q&A after each night.

It will be a laugh along the way as I share some examples of how things can go wrong or go right.


relationship 101

Training includes this and more:

  • Evening One February 23rd 8pm:

    • Your most important relationship in life
    • What kills relationships the fastest
    • How to find the ONE
    • Two things that start & keep a relationship
    • Lets talk Love
    • Tips to build a happy, healthy, trusting relationship
    • Why relationships fail and others prevail
    • Q&A’s


  • Evening Two March 2nd 8pm:

    • Why they get on your nerves & what to do about it
    • Male Brain VS Female Brain
    • Past Partners
    • Money Talk
    • In-Laws & Outlaws
    • Q&A’s

This course is for you

Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, or separated. This course is for you.

I created this course based on my own experience & research from having coached dozens of couples and mediated between troubled relationships. I have also been happily married myself for over 18 years.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do know we all have patterns in how we love and how we communicate with our partner. The tips, training, and examples in this course will certainly help you level up your relationship.

Or perhaps you haven’t met that special someone yet, this course will help you understand YOU and what you really want in a relationship.



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