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There are 3 types of One-To-One Life Coaching opportunities available.

One Off Session:

This is a one of life coaching session and is strategy focused. It creates a planned strategy to achieve a goal or objective you want in your life. It is 60 minutes in length, can be longer if needed. More sessions can be added if needed and are all strictly confidential.

4 Sessions in 8 weeks:

4 Sessions in 8 Weeks is a program conducted online via Skype. Sessions consist of 45 minutes in duration and take place generally every two weeks but can be altered to suit your schedule. It is ideal for people who may have an area in life holding them back or a a goal they want to achieve. More sessions can be added if needed and are all strictly confidential.

12 Sessions anytime:

12 sessions anytime is for those who want to achieve significant change whether its personally or in business. Sessions are online or in person if possible. It also includes phone support from Mark for 12 months starting from day of sign up. This course is a game changer and is proven to be for those that are serious about self improvement in all areas of life. It is for everyone in pursuit of their best life. It encompasses all aspects of life and implements practical ways to improve your quality of life. More sessions can be added if needed and are all strictly confidential.

Coaching Approach:

What it is:

Personal Development Coaching / Life Coaching, or Group Coaching is future focused. Looking at your life today and identifying what you want to change going forward. Coaching helps people plan a future and set goals, while overcoming any challenges holding you back, robbing your happiness, or causing you stress. This type of life coaching enables a person to learn and understand themselves. It empowers you to become stronger mentally and emotionally, which enables you to live your best life and achieve the things you always aspired to. Helping people live a happy and fulfilled life with a sense of purpose.

What it is not:

It is not therapy or counselling. It is not a substitute for medical advice. It is not reconciling or resolving your childhood or past experiences.

If you wish to avail of one-to-one life coaching please contact us using the form below and give information of what you would like help with or if there is a goal you would like to achieve.

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