Discover how you can finally control your anxiety and get your life back.
Two Nights Of Live Training With Life Coach Mark Fennell

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Two part live training over zoom June 15th & June 22nd at 8pm



A course that could change your life

What is anxiety? -
What causes anxiety? -
Why do I wake up feeling this way? -
How do I overcome anxiety and enjoy life again? -
Why can't I stop overthinking? -
Anxiety is holding me back?

Anxiety is one of the most crippling inner struggles we can go through as a person. Over 10 years ago I had the biggest battle I ever fought when I had anxiety swell to a level that it overwhelmed me. My mind became the battlefield.

But I learned how to overcome it and it was never been an issue for me again. Anxiety is suffered by 1 in 5 people in Ireland to the extent it effects their quality of life. The ruminating and constant worry, the “What if” questions. The loss of appetite and headaches, IBS, Anxiety attacks, Panic attacks, and a long list of symptoms.

This course will cover in a practical & easy to understand way the tools and strategies to help you get back in control and take back your life from anxiety & stress. Read on to see what you will discover…

You will discover:

  • Strategies that work to deal with anxiety
  • Beating the “What if” thinking
  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • Stopping Catastrophic Thinking
  • What exactly is anxiety & how it works
  • My story of how I beat it
  • The Power Of Your Mindset & creating the right one
  • Why does it effect me & what can I do to prevent it
  • What triggers my anxiety & controlling stress
  • Physical techniques
  • How to overcome anxiety longterm
  • Building a life without fear in control

You can beat it.

The fact is you can control anxiety and not have it control you. That is exactly what I did all those years ago. To date I have helped hundreds of people do the same over the last decade.

Anxiety and stress are so emotionally and mentally draining. But there is a way. There are techniques, tools, and strategies that work. I know first hand what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t let anxiety rob you of any more time. Start this course today and start your road to a happier more fulfilled life. A life you deserve to have.

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