Why am I afraid?

There are many fears we can discover and allow to fester in our lives. I’ve wondered a lot just why that is. Why is it that a lot of people fear spiders, mice, the dark, or even the future? Is there a common reason for our fears? Keep reading and I’ll show you maybe there is.Fear

There are many factors that can cause us to fear things, whether it is a traumatic incident, an inherited fear, or as a result of your perception of a thing or scenario. But the fear of creepy crawlies, and other insects, dogs, and even the dark can occur from a young age without a person having had a bad experience with them. There is a common factor, and once you identify it, you’ll be in a greater position to overcome your fear.

A common factor for fearing something is because we fear the unpredictable. Or put another way, we fear what we cannot control. My wife put it like this, a dead spider won’t freak her out because she knows it cannot do anything. A lot of fear is due to the unpredictable outcomes or actions of the situation. We don’t know what a dog is thinking but we know some dogs can bite, so how do we know if this dog will bite or not? Hence a fear can be born. The spider in the corner of the room might be one of those jumping spiders and if it gets on me it could crawl anywhere. Or what if you were in a crash. Driving on the motorway and you get nervous cause you don’t know what might happen because you cannot guarantee what other drivers will do, or for that matter you can’t guarantee what your car might do. The wheels, the engine, so many parts that could fail or blow up. Or what about our future. We simply don’t know what our future will hold and this can cause all sorts of worries and anxieties.

Here are 3 points we need to get a hold of, in order to destroy fears:

  1. It’s wrong to want to control our entire environment and all that is in it. How wrong it is to want to be able to control everything and everyone in order to protect ourselves. Some might say this is a little selfish and irrational.
  2. The unpredictability of life is a great and beautiful thing. Not knowing what life may bring is a beautiful thing. People we meet, experiences we enjoy, the love we find. There are bad things that can happen, but great things happen too. This is why life is an adventure. If we knew all the future, life would actually be boring. There are situations that are bad for us, for example, a dog that bits you, but it doesn’t mean it will happen again with every dog you meet.
  3. Just trust that life will be ok. This is an attitude of many. Some say trust the universe, others say trust fate, and others say trust in the stars and horoscopes. To be honest when I look at all these things I find that they really don’t make much sense. I do however say we should trust life will be ok when you know the source of your life.

The Universe: A common belief for many people is the universe decides what’s going to happen and how, who, and why it’s going to happen. Well my response is the universe is a big place so what part of it is concerned about the job we get or whom we marry? Is it Mars or Jupiter? Is it aliens? I don’t think so.

Horoscopes: How can I have faith and trust that my horoscope is even worth considering. It’s written by a person and what they believe a rock lining up with another rock in the sky at night is meaning regarding my future.

Fate: There is some truth that things can happen for a reason. But with that said, what is the source for this. Who is planning it or what is causing it to happen? There must be a source for such a thing called “fate”.

The true source: The fact is we don’t know the future. But if we learn to trust God as our source we will be far more relaxed about life in the knowing that He knows the future. When we put our trust in God we simply allow God to guide us in what directions and decisions to make in life. We have free choice and the Bible tells us this. We cannot control our environment but we can trust God to protect us in the environment and take on an attitude of peace. This is the number one way to disempower fear in our lives. As a verse I read says…
” Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
he’s the one who will keep you on track.
Don’t assume that you know it all.”

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