What’s Your Message?

I heard a guy say the other day how he wanted his life to mean something, so I wrote this article with that thought in mind. You see we all have one life to live. But what if you could watch the life you’ve lived so far on a big screen! What would the title be? What message would we get by the time the credits roll? Would it be a great inspiring message? Would it be a romantic story? Or would it be a message of nothing? Would the critics be inspired? Or would it leave people feeling sad at the the fact a life was wasted? Would it be to the point the viewers wanted their tickets refunded? Would it be boring?markfennell lifecoach

Just Surviving:
We can live life just surviving, or we can live a life that means something. A life that has value and purpose. But the choice is yours. The quality of life you have is largely determined by your attitude, action, and beliefs. Maybe you came from a broken family, a war torn country, an abusive or controlling relationship, or some other travesty in your past. The fact is that does not have to be where the story ends. YOU are the one that decides the following chapters.

What are you about?
So I ask you, WHAT IS YOUR LIFES MESSAGE? Think about it. What are you about? Will you live a life that has a positive message? We can’t change the past, but the future is all to play for. It’s our decisions that decide tomorrow, but not only that, it’s the goals we pursue that can have impact on our lives, but also the lives of others. There is a verse I know that sums this up…

“for lack of vision, people perish”

Do you lack vision? This isn’t a question regarding your eyesight, its a question that asks, Do you have plan to live by and pursue?. You see the message and the vision for your life are very similar, and they are essential for success. For the vision you have for your life will give birth to the message of your life. For example history is full of men and women who had a message to share. From Martin Luther King Jnr. to Michael Collins, to Jesus Christ, they all had a message, and they all had a vision. Maybe your vision is to be a good husband, or maybe its to be a help to your community. But either way, how will the story of your life read? For it is a blessing to have vision, and as a Lifecoach it is my job to help people find vision for their life and display their message. When you know what you are about it will bring enormous clarity to every decision you make.

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