Tips on how to meet somebody

Isn’t it so annoying when people are going on at you for being single! As if its a sin, or as if there is something wrong with you. Did somebody write a rule saying you must be married in your twenties or at the latest your thirties? Well if you are single,this ones for you.

Mark Fennell

Sometimes we may be longing for that special somebody, but it just hasn’t quite happened yet, and we don’t know why. Well I have some tips I’d like to share about being single, and to those of you that are always criticizing single people for being single, I’d like to say “shhh, have a Kit Kat and give em a break”:

1: Being single is a season not a sickness.
Its meant to be a fun time, to see and do things you may not get to do when you are settled down. Things that won’t be as accessible when you are married. Like up an leaving for a year out to travel Australia. It more difficult to do these things when there are kids,schools, and mortgages to consider, so when you are single its a perfect time to try an adventure. Or maybe you aren’t such the Marco Polo type of adventure driven person. Either way I believe we should enjoy ourselves where we are at regardless of marital status!
If you are single it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you even if certain people try make you feel that way. Tell them “when its Gods time it will happen, so if you want me married, pray Gods will for me, and take it up with Him if you feel you know better”. To put it simply ,it will happen when its meant to.

2: Expand your social circles.
This can be a bit daunting at first or seem like the first day at school all over again. What I’d suggest is go to a course or join a club. Take up a hobby or learn something you always found interesting, like cooking, or a sport. A skill that can be learned in a group setting.

3: Start poking people.
I don’t mean literally, although maybe it could help, but instead I mean go online and start a Facebook. Add friends on Facebook, follow others on Twitter, join a meet-up group. One I’d recommend is Connect, if you live in Ireland that is. Get yourself online and start chatting. I would however say to avoid these sex chat sites for love won’t be found there. In my opinion Facebook is the best way to meet new people. Maybe online dating might even be for you, but I must say be very careful for the profile may not resemble the person in a true light.

4: Ask your friends.
Sometimes people can actually forget to mention to their friends that they are looking for somebody. Not suggesting that they now start the task of setting you up with folks, but more to see what they suggest. People and places that they think you might meet people. Who knows maybe they have a brother or sister that might be a suitable friend for you to find.

5: Your attitude you plonker!
Yes I may come off as brash by calling you a plonker but this point is the most under acknowledged. Attitude is everything! I have spoke with many singles from different parts of teh world and the biggest problem I find with most people is their attitude to meeting somebody. Let me explain. You see when we are single and come to the time where we are urgently seeking a partner, its at this time we can shift our mindset. We know start looking at everybody we meet and asking the question “will they be a good mate?”. This is a huge problem for when we weren’t so caught up about marriage and partners, we would be friendly with everybody for the sake of being friendy. But when a person becomes a little older they all of a sudden only invest time into people of the opposite sex of whom they fancy would make a good mate. But if a member of the opposite sex comes along and doesn’t tick the box in looks,etc. they don’t get any attention from the single looking for love. To put it simply, the single looking for love becomes so obsessed with finding a partner they stop looking for friendships. What a conundrum considering the best relationships are those that came from a friendship first starting grid. My advice is be friendly to everybody and have an attitude that is one of “make friends whenever I can”, rather than”only show interest in potential mates”.

6: Look after yourself.
Dress well, use cologne/perfume and have a shower more than once a week. Throw out your clothes from the 90’s and dress with a bit of style. Looks aren’t important later on, but they are very important when wanting to meet a partner. If you are out of touch, I say chat with friends and get back in touch. Dress you age, look good and make the effort when in work and socializing. Its very hard to meet somebody wearing a football jersey, unless they are too.

How does loving yourself effect me and my chance of meeting somebody? The answer is when you love yourself not in a vain way, but a way in which you are content with you, it builds confidence, thus making you more attractive.

8: Love others. Loving others will cause you to put others before yourself, thus making you a nice person. Confident nice people are more attractive than weak selfish people, although you probably knew that.