The Simpsons or The Flanders…which are you?

Is your home more like the Simpsons than the Flanders house? What advantage is there in having a Godly home? Why bother with grace at meals, or why have the family pray together? Maybe you never even thought about it until you saw the title of this post. In our lives today, is having a “Godly home” any advantage to us? And what is a Godly home? SimpsonsMarkFennell

Well let me start by saying I’m not going to rattle off verses and stories to confirm a Godly home to be the order of the day. But I am chatting about the advantages that it brings from my experience and observations. I would cringe at eh sight of The Flanders, and to me this is not the type of home I would want. If I be honest though its more preferable than the home of the Simpsons. We can however have a balanced Godly home that “keeps it real” and doesn’t go all weird and strange, I’ll talk about this again. The reason for this is some people reading this blog post may not even believe in the Bible, so I decided to take a reporters attitude to having a Godly home. Straight facts and no fluff.

When we are contemplating marriage, family, our future home, and all the things we envision as our future, do we take a minute to think about what to build our future from? I mean, how will we know what it takes to get it right? Yes there are books and things to help but they are written by people whom you don’t know and may not even relate to. Also I find some of these books about family and marriage often disagree on things depending on the culture and religion the writer comes from. My attitude is to write this blog from fact, experience, and what I believe works for building a successful future for you and your family.

To build an actual house there are things a person takes into account:
– Foundation
– Builder
– Architect
– Tradesmen

The Foundation
The most important part is the foundation. The location and ground upon which you will build. Will it hold the house, will it support the house? Just like a house a family and marriage need a good foundation. Statistics show that a family brought up in a Christian home, which is a home that prays for things, attends church, etc will have a lower chance of divorce and a higher level of simple contentment in the home aka “joy”. This shows that a Christian home is statistically a happier home and a stronger family unit.

It is very important you have the right builder in a home. The person who knows what you want and whom you get along with. The builder you can trust.
When it comes to a Godly home, why try build it yourself when you can call a builder that will get it right. A verse in the Bible does say “unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain”. However what I have seen with my own life and many others, is when you are faced with challenges there is such comfort when you know somebody who knows the answers and wont let you down. There are any reasons to name Jesus as your builder, but really a major one is because He gives us hope when there is no hope. This of course will be such peace of mind and heart to you and will in turn bring about peace when there is stress in the home. Jesus in my opinion is the master builder.

What kind of a home would you have without having blueprints written by somebody that knows what it takes to build a great house.
The blueprints is like the Bible. Yes I said the Bible, and the reason for this is when we live our lives by the guidelines of the bible we know that it will bring the right results for our lives. It shows us right from wrong, but also the prayers to pray and the way to live. The only tried and tested book written over centuries with its purpose to help you and me. Its not written for profit, but simply to show you a great way to live life and build a future.

These are the men and women that are experienced in a particular field. They will come in and do there thing to facilitate you having the house you desire. They may be here for awhile, or may just come in the once and then you never see them again. Either way they all do their part helping you achieve the desired house.
The tradesmen can represent our extended family, friends, pastor, and other people whom we trust and whom we know they care for us. These people may not be with us forever but their time we have with them inputs into our life in a way that helps us. Maybe they thought you something, a life lesson, or maybe they are there whenever you need advice or help with something. One of them may be a great help when we need financial advice, another when we have a problem with something in the family, and another when we just need someone to hang out with or have a good laugh with. These people in our lives have different strengths that will help us from time to time, and vice versa.
We must always be careful of the people we allow speak into our lives. These people have influence that can be either good or bad. The facts are, however, we are not meant to be an island and we do need people in our lives. We do need people we can ask for help from. It is a proven fact that people who suffer from depression for example are more prone to a quicker recovery based on their inner circle of friends and family than those who have nobody. As the saying goes “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”.

There is no such thing as a perfect home. Some of us are more like the Simpsons than the Flanders. I’m not saying be like the Flanders, but I am saying be more Godly in the home and have a healthy balance. We can make small changes, like grace before meals or pray about problems when they arrive. The fact is there is more hope for a family that serves God than a family that serves nothing. Isn’t it interesting the Flanders were the ones who were happy more than sad?
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Stay blessed you guys!

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