The “F” word

What do you do when a friend stabs you in the back? What to do with a gossip? What to do with the person who tried to destroy you? Have some people made you want to use the “F” word? If you ever asked yourself these questions, this Mark Fennell blog is for you 😉forgiveness

I won’t bore you to tears with all the details but putting it simply here is what happened. Working at an organization for many years and all of a sudden a couple whom I trusted and loved very much just turned on myself and my wife. For no reason at all things changed. Communication was different, attitudes were blunt and slightly rude. Quizzing and confronting why the change, was only greeted with a negative response. Little did I realize there was a new kid in town and he wanted my job so bad that he would spend every minute of his time trying to make me look bad, even to the point of trying to frame me a few times. The organization completely changed negatively due to this new influence on the scene. Eventually things changed so badly I just couldn’t stay. Forced to eat separate at lunch and all sorts of stuff, I moved on. It was simple politics and power playing, and I was the victim.

Even after I left people where told all sorts of untruths about me. They feared I would tell people what happened. So to protect themselves they made me out to be the problem. This was infuriating to me. Alot of questions bombarded my thoughts…

Why would they try and destroy my character?
Why would they say such things about me as a person?
Why would people whom I would do anything for, now hate me?
Why, Why, Why?

Here I was in this situation with a few simple choices:
Do I defend myself and call everybody up and disclose the truth?
Do I say nothing to nobody?
Do I call round to their home?
Do I take vengeance and make their lives hell?

Lots of choices and lots of motivation to do something. When I find myself having to struggle with what to do I resort to prayer. So I prayed and asked God what on earth do I do? The big thing was it just wasn’t fair. How cruel! Little did I realize I was about to learn a big lesson in how God works. Yes I said God, and here is why. You see I read a verse in the bible that read “vengeance is mine says the Lord”, which basically tells us to leave it with Him. I decided to test it out. Simply turn the other cheek and leave it. By the way, this doesn’t mean we wish harm to the people but it simply means don’t take matters into your own hands. I’ve heard people say they left it with God, and then the same people would pray terrible things against their enemy. Instead, give it to God and forget about it.

The “F” Word
The “F” word is not what you might think, instead it stands for “Forgive”. For when you harbour the ship of bitterness, it will only effect your port. That ship will dock and it doesn’t like to leave unless you cut the ropes in a big way. When we try to achieve justice for ourselves we will never be happy. But when we see ourselves above the situation you will heal alot quicker.

The Law
Yes I am a firm believer in “the law is for the lawless”, so if you need the police or law to help your situation thats fine. However some people will bend the truth and try to manipulate the law and their main objective is to hurt the other person. This is wrong because it shows how unforgiveness is still present in your system. If you need the law out of justice thats fine, but don’t use the law to hurt.

With that aside, the true way to get over an attack on you is to forgive. The real “F” word is “Forgive”. You see my story was a long drawn out one. I had left and still they would talk wrong of me. I still did nothing. The reason I did nothing is simple. I’m better than that. My time is worth more than using it for vengeance. My time is a gift from God and I want to use it to bring joy, love, and peace. For more on emotional hurt CLICK HERE.

You may not feel like forgiving them, but trust me. The only person who will lose out from unforgiveness… is YOU. Don’t let unforgiveness dock in your life, it will bring cargo you don’t want. I hope this helps you and feel free to contact me or comment below.

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3 thoughts on “The “F” word

  1. Hi Mark

    This is an excellent article Mark and I hope more people take it on board when faced with circumstances that require them to forgive.We need to be constantly reminded of this because the wrong choice , not to forgive, can be like a cancer that will eat away at us and can take over our lives. I have been faced with this decision many times and to forgive has always been the best option, it is liberating.
    Keep up the good work Mark, I look forward to reading your blog every time. They contain lots of words of wisdom that I’m sure is of great help to those that read them.

    Stay Blessed!!!

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