The Key to Being Happy!

The one thing that everybody wants in life is to be HAPPY! From career, to relationships, to finances, everybody ultimately wants to be happy. We strive to attain a contentment that lasts. A joy that makes us feel on top of the world. Is there a Key? Is it possible to be happy right where you are at? Can happiness be achieved right now? Even Pharrell Williams is singing about it. life coach mark fennell Continue reading

What’s Your Message?

I heard a guy say the other day how he wanted his life to mean something, so I wrote this article with that thought in mind. You see we all have one life to live. But what if you could watch the life you’ve lived so far on a big screen! What would the title be? What message would we get by the time the credits roll? Would it be a great inspiring message? Would it be a romantic story? Or would it be a message of nothing? Would the critics be inspired? Or would it leave people feeling sad at the the fact a life was wasted? Would it be to the point the viewers wanted their tickets refunded? Would it be boring?markfennell lifecoach

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The 6 Needs Of You

Believe it or not we all have six needs in common. Six things that we all need in order to live a fulfilled life. We may lack in areas at times but it is fixable. These six things are elements, and they can be expanded, and this post is a general perspective about the six basic needs. When you understand these six needs you may solve some problems you are having, you may even feel more peaceful with the understanding of why you are the way you Continue reading

How to be a Superhero

Can I be happy? Can I be successful? Or how about prosperous, secure, peaceful, or even just content in my life? We all want the best for our lives. We hope to be the best we can be. But in life there can be much resistance to the emotional bliss and great successes we once thought we would possess. That is exactly why I wrote this blog, so keep reading 😉markfennell Continue reading