The 6 Needs Of You

Believe it or not we all have six needs in common. Six things that we all need in order to live a fulfilled life. We may lack in areas at times but it is fixable. These six things are elements, and they can be expanded, and this post is a general perspective about the six basic needs. When you understand these six needs you may solve some problems you are having, you may even feel more peaceful with the understanding of why you are the way you Continue reading

But SIN is fun!

Having a conversation with a friend the other day and we got talking about God. The simple reason was he felt God had so many rules that it was almost impossible to obey them all. He liked having a few pints with the lads, getting drunk, and chasing after girls with a chance he might get a kiss or even more. He said how he actually liked doing what the Bible mostly says not to do. What he was talking about was true, for many people, some sin is fun.i like sin

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Is Online Dating OK? a guest blog

For many people the shortage of potential partners is a travesty. This results in us being creative in ways we can meet that special somebody. But as my talkshow recently discovered, the jury is divided on whether online dating is ok for a Christian to do. So I asked Annmarie (whom used online dating and met her husband through it) what she thought, and here is her opinion that she wrote me…Christian Online Dating

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The Simpsons or The Flanders…which are you?

Is your home more like the Simpsons than the Flanders house? What advantage is there in having a Godly home? Why bother with grace at meals, or why have the family pray together? Maybe you never even thought about it until you saw the title of this post. In our lives today, is having a “Godly home” any advantage to us? And what is a Godly home? SimpsonsMarkFennell Continue reading