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markfennell.ieIf I was promoting a belief system, the easiest one to get people to sign up to would be the one called”part time Christian”. In fact its a very popular choice made by many, and it’s all the fashion at the moment.

Why be fully committed to anything, for this would mean your weren’t free to roam the religions of the world. Why put all your eggs in one basket, when you can be cross denominational with a bit of humanism. Take the best bits from each and leave the hard stuff. Its not a matter of being on the fence, but instead its being on lots of fences keeping an eye out for the next cool thing. And when the going gets tough, you rely on yourself, not God, cause I don’t really know if He exists anyways.

Being lukewarm in life is a choice that comes easy to many. Does it result in success and happiness though? You may be liking the reading so far, it may sound good. It may sit nicely on the plate, smelling appetizing, and just waiting for you to dive into a “no strings attached faith”. To be a part of something with no commitment needed.

In reality its like saying you want to be a part time husband. You’ll be married for the good bits, but you want to be free to roam when feeling challenged. If you were to ask women “is this the type of man you would like?” The answer would be a “NO”. Unless you speak to a woman who wants to be a part time wife, this “part time commitment” just wont float their boat.

A  problem in the world today is the fact that the word “commitment” translates “prison” to many people. They fear it, don’t want it, repel it, all because they want to be free to roam.

Question 1:

If I may, let me put a question to you. If when you where a young child, and your guardian or parent let you do what you liked, would that have been a good thing? Although some might think this could be good, I’m sure you’ll admit it would be real dangerous. Letting a child crawl or walk where they want could result in a fatal outcome. Cars, knives, fires, cookers, its a long list of potential dangers. As a child we don’t fear anything and we go everywhere we can, but this freedom is dangerous, for nobody but ourselves.

Question 2:

Here is my second question. “Why do parents put rules in place for us?” Rules like don’t go there, don’t touch that, don’t hang around with them,etc. The list is long. The purpose is “to protect us from  harm” and the reason is because they love us.

With all that in mind lets jump back to the “part time Christian”. The reason he or she isn’t full time is because that would mean obeying the rules of being a Christian all the time, and this seems like a lot of work. The reason God gave us the Bible was to show us how we should live our lives. Not for His benefit, but for ours. If we live life Gods way, it protects us from all these things that we may not even know are dangerous. God wants to protect us just like a parent protects their children, but He gave us free choice to choose. The reason he wants to protect us is because He loves us. Thats why He sent Jesus to die on the cross for you and I.

Besides the protection and the love He has for us, choosing Gods way also leads to a blessed life. More than you can imagine or think. Its easy to be part time, but the rewards are greater to the full timers. Part time attention equals partial rewards. Its not always easy to love your neighbor as yourself, it isn’t easy to avoid temptation, but at the end of the day, its these choices that will dictate your future. When you try to be a bit of everything you end up being a confused diluted mess.

Don’t be on the fence, be committed, and watch how you will grow as a person of integrity, which results in a happier life. Be disciplined in your morals and faith. Have a “no matter what” attitude of believing in God. For example you may have gone through some terrible events, but take on the mantle of “no matter what,I’ll still hope in God”. Not only will you be more positive, but you will have a better adventure at this thing called life. For me, God never lets me down, and I I don’t want to be a “part timer”. Two feet in and here we go.

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  1. I totally agree 100%. I have been a part timer, now im a full timer. Now life is so much better. happy days. 🙂

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