Is Curiosity Bad?

“It’s only hash”, he said. “It’s not gonna kill you like those other drugs out there”. The words one friend said to another. There was Paul sitting there, contemplating what should he do. He always wanted to try hash but something kept him from doing it, but now the opportunity had come and here was Brian trying to get him to take a blast.┬áCuriosity, that is what Paul told me in later years had caused him to fall to this temptation.Mark Fennell

When I met Paul he was a total addict to hash, marijuana, pot, or whatever you want to call it. He told how it helped him relax and cope with life. Paul had a tough life, and hash had become his crutch. I met Paul because he wanted help. After a collapsed lung in his late twenties he knew he had to stop because his asthma was getting worse and he feared it would kill him with a bad attack. This was the wake up call for Paul.

We can’t choose our upbringing…
You see we don’t have a choice to where we are born or who our parents will be. As we grow up we want to explore, learn, and experience things that seem appealing. That is why any parent will know that you can’t just leave a baby to freely crawl around or go where they want, cause it might end badly. We grow older and this curiosity doesn’t leave us. In fact we just want to get the most from life and we don’t want to be the person that doesn’t fit in, so we try things because everybody else is doing it. Partly curiosity because we heard its great, and partly peer pressure. But of course like everything, there are risks. I don’t know why, but we all believe it will never happen to us, so here goes. It could be a drug, a party, sex, or even a crime, but we tend to be super optimistic and believing we won’t get caught and we’ll emerge emotionally unscathed. The truth is these things all started with a thought that got fed and fuelled.

From experience, these temptations or curiosities will come along when you may be at a low period in your life. They seem harmless, we think we have all the answers to any associated risks and therefore we justify embarking on this curiosity. It might be a physical sexual urge, a desire for escape, or even just curiosity, but the fact is whatever it is that causes us to be magnetised toward this forbidden fruit, it is potentially a threat to our future. Of course nobody thinks of lung cancer when they try a cigarette behind the bike shed, or an unplanned pregnancy could come from that one night you both felt frisky. The fact is we are not invincible. Our curiosity can cause us trouble.

Is Curiosity good or bad?
My friend Paul will tell you that curiosity can kill you. Is curiosity bad? The answer is no, but if left unmanaged and uncontrolled, it can be real bad, real quick. Curiosity can plant a little seed of a thought that is just wanting to grow. The key is to nip it early and ask yourself the questions about whether it is goo or bad to pursue this curiosity.

– ignores the risks
– won’t be future focused
– won’t care for your safety
– won’t care for loved ones
– is focused on the high

My piece of advice would be to think about the choices we make when it comes to curiosity. Would you want somebody you love to do it? This is a great way to gain perspective about things we are curious about. Take a step back and don’t jump in, there is always another way. Curiosity can seem like a simple thing, but it can bring with it great complications if you pursue every urge in life.

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