How to pursue your dream in 10 steps

We all have dreams and passions. But how do we actually make them happen? We are just so busy surviving that we sometimes forget living. Really living the life we always dreamed of….but how do we pursue our dreams?

If you read my last blog on “Discovering your passion” then the ball is in motion. So what next? Is it even possible to pursue that dream life? Here are 10 steps on exactly how you can pursue your dream life…

1: Have a clear picture of how you envision your dream life.
Be clear on what are the elements that make up your dream life. Areas like: Job,friends,social life,faith,family,home,etc.

2: Now write down and describe what would it take to get there.
What is robbing your joy and diluting your dream?

3: Change the things you can.
Make the changes that will help you. If your job is pulling you down then look to change it, but don’t leave till you have your new job to go to. Start building that business you always dreamed of owning. Get financial advice if finances are holding you back from your dream. My point is change what you can and gain some momentum.

4: Feed your mind.
There is a verse I’ve read and it says “as a man thinketh so is he”. This basically means what you think defines what you become. Read, learn, study how you can be the best you possible. If you suffer from depression, low self esteem, or something that holds you back then work to change it. It may be difficult, you may need help, but don’t continue as you have been. Do it for you.

5: Here is what would help 99.9% hit their dreams.
Exposure to new people. This means social growth which means new perspectives, personal growth and new ideas.

6: Support.
Have somebody you can chat to you whom has a positive attitude. Somebody you can trust and gain advice from. Email me if you need somebody to bounce ideas off.

7: You are worth it.
No it’s not a shampoo advert. But YOU are worth it, you deserve to have the best life possible, you deserve to pursue your dreams and don’t ever allow somebody to put you down or tell you that you can’t.

8: Can do magic.
Have an attitude of “Can do”. If you are only moving slowly, keep saying to yourself “I CAN DO THIS”…why?…because you can

9: Have faith.
Just have some faith that things will work out. Don’t waste time and energy on worry, for worry won’t help or change anything. Why not say a prayer! Yes, why not have a chat with God and ask Him to help, even if you never prayed before, just start, because sometimes in life we need all the help we can get.

10: Enjoy life.
A real key to a dream life is a life that you embrace with the good and the bad. Things may not always work out, but the hallmarks of true success in life is being happy right now. Enjoy the the good moments and don’t dwell on the bad ones. Life is an adventure, and it ain’t always easy.

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Be good, and stay blessed!

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