How to know if its God

How to make the right decision. How to know what God would say about it. Its a big question that in fact has a simple answer. We imagine when God speaks there will be a burning bush, a talking donkey, and maybe even a bolt of lightning. So how do we know when God might be trying to tell us something?  Does God even speak to us mere mortals?

Who does God speak to?

So before I set sail on this point, I’ll work off the assumption that you believe in something more than ourselves. I’m not presuming you even go to church, but will work from the premise that you simply have an unction of a higher power. So lets start there. The reason I say this is because we can sometimes think that God will only will speak to those that sing Hallelujah, go to church every Sunday, and have an amazing knowledge of the Bible. The reality is God can speak to anybody, even if they don’t believe in Him. The Bible is full of examples of how God would even speak to those who didn’t even want to hear. Although when we don’t want to hear, this can cause us to miss it totally.

How do you know if its God?

Alot of things can push us to make a certain decision, or to act a certain way. Our emotions can be real strong in persuading us to react. Wrong thoughts can justify wrong behavior. Other people,TV shows, books and magazines can be convincing about what to do when in a certain situation. So through all these obvious persuasions how do we decipher when God might be telling us something? There is a way to know, in fact, there are a couple of ways.

What does God sound like?

This is probably the most important point to note. God doesn’t sound like thunder or lightning most of the time, but generally He is the still small voice inside us. Most of the time God isn’t audible. So how do we know its God, not ourselves speaking? God speaks to us as a loving Father. He speaks to us deep down in the way a father will speak to their child, whether its correction or encouragement. He speaks what is best for us. A parent whom loves their child will tell a child not to put their hand in the fire, cause the parent knows it will hurt the child. It might seem like a rule, but really, its wisdom. So when we wonder is this God trying to tell me something, we can qualify it by saying, “if I had a loving guardian, is this what they would tell me?” The point is God is our father, NOT a dictator. He is One that loves us unconditionally.

In life today we see all sorts of reasons not to believe in God, but have you given Him a chance? Have you said “God if you are there, reveal yourself to me in some way so that I will believe”. You’d be surprised how God will show you in a little or big way that He is there.

How to know if its God

We may get that unction on the inside about what to do in a scenario. But how do we check it, and test that its right. For the last thing we want to do is be saying God told us when it wasn’t God at all. Here is a checklist that helps me:

The Bible

God won’t advise us to do anything that contradicts the Bible. If the Bible says it, thats how it is. Man should never try to change that fact. When a decision comes along, my advice, check it out in the Bible. Search the topic or subject. Talk to somebody who has a good understanding on the Bible like a pastor,etc. and ask them to give you advice on where to look in the Bible. A scripture even confirms what I’m suggesting now…

2 Timothy 3:16  Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another – showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. 17 Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us.(MSG)

The Bible is like a guide book, but you gotta know where to look.

That Gut Feeling

Alot of the time when we are embarking on something new, we get a gut feeling on which way to go, or what to say. Its a case we just know that we know. This can also be a confirmation. The scriptures written by Apostle Paul show this in Romans 9:1 In the presence of Christ, I speak with utter truthfulness — I do not lie — and my conscience and the Holy Spirit confirm that what I am saying is true.(NLT). Paul was simply saying with God and his conscience working in sync, this made him confident in what he would say and do. That gut feeling will line up with Gods direction.

Holy Spirit

Jesus told us that when He left earth He would leave the Holy Spirit with us. This is like our personal counselor who will drop answers into our hearts and minds when we just can’t figure it out. Ever have a problem and not know what to do? Then awhile after you prayed the answer just came without much thinking. This can often be the Holy Spirit.

Real Peace

When you want to act on what you feel God would have you do, there will be peace, or even the promise of peace eventually. There sometimes can be a little fear or anxiety for it may be something new. But that said, you will have a peace that it’s the right thing to do, even when logically it might not be 100%. You’ll experience calm with the knowing that God is directing you. There might even be a little doubt, but thats not why you made the decision. You made the decision because you know it will lead to peace.


Our close friends and those that are grounded in life will also help to confirm we are doing the right thing. Friends and family that are honest to us and not “yes men”. God will put people in our lives that we know we can trust. People who themselves have a relationship with God and have our interests at heart.

What stops us hearing?

Its a long list of potential distractions from what is the right thing to do. Here are just a few.

  • Emotions
  • Sin
  • Wrong advice
  • Negative People
  • Agnostic ways
  • TV shows
  • Being too busy
  • Wanting vengeance
  • Jealousy
  • Pride

We all can hear

It maybe tough to believe that God would ever take time out of His schedule to give you advice. The reality is He gave us a conscience, the Bible, and guidelines to live our life. But the most amazing thing He gave us is the Holy Spirit which brings all the other ways of knowing into sync with one another. Have you ever done something or said something that you just felt you had to do even though it wasn’t entirely logical at the time, but then when you did it, it was clear it was the right thing to do? There is alot more I could say but I wanted to keep it to the point. If you need Gods help just ask Him and He’ll get the message to you. Your not in this alone.

If this was helpful leave your thoughts on the comments below. Stay blessed.

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