How to control your feelings

Is it possible to control our feelings and mood or do they control us?The answer is we can control of our feelings.To explain how to keep your feelings,emotions and mood under control I must go a little deeper, but not too deep.

I’ll use a car as an example. A car has four wheels and an engine. The front two wheels are powered by the engine to pull the car in the direction you want to go. The front two wheels represent your thinking and your actions. The back two wheels represent your emotions(ie feelings,mood) and physiology(ie physical functioning). This is a clear way to understand how we are as human beings. Our thinking and doing takes us to where we want to go and our emotions and physiology follow.

Then there is our engine. This represents our core beliefs and is the heart of who we are. This will be the power to drive us forward. If we have low self esteem and we come to a hill(ie problem in life) we may start to roll backwards, or in other words our feelings and emotions may pull us backwards when under pressure. If fear gets a grip on us we may start to pull in both directions, but eventually one will win out. This is why faith in God is so important. If you dont have faith you end up relying on yourself. The problem with that is you may not always know what to do, and you will get tired sometimes. This is when you need to rely on a higher power for help to get you through.

I suppose you could say God is that tow truck when you need it. Okay so there are alot of metaphors but I hope it keeps things clear.

When our feelings or mood is low, it can be because of a few different reasons:

  • tiredness
  • bad diet
  • stress
  • fear
  • anxiety
  • grief
  • low self esteem
  • bad news

there are lots of things that can alter our emotions negatively. This can also make us physically feel differently. We may lose our appetite, want to sleep more, feel lazy, cry, get tension in our back and chest,etc. So as you can see even the wrong diet can effect our feelings. Even when you go through something stressful it can take your body a couple of days to recover from the effects of adrenaline and tension.This is due to when we go through a bad situation chemicals are released into the blood and it can take awhile to normalize. My point is, feelings and physiology are a bit temperamental at the best of times and we can’t always explain why we feel the way we do. BUT we can get things under control a lot quicker if we get disciplined in our thinking and don’t act on negative thoughts.

Focus your mind on positive thinking. Focus your energy/action on good things that you enjoy, even if you aren’t in the mood to go for a walk, just do it. Its hard to be upset when you are smiling! Your concern are the front two wheels. View life as an adventure, not a tribulation.

As a man thinks, that is how he will be.


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