How to be a Superhero

Can I be happy? Can I be successful? Or how about prosperous, secure, peaceful, or even just content in my life? We all want the best for our lives. We hope to be the best we can be. But in life there can be much resistance to the emotional bliss and great successes we once thought we would possess. That is exactly why I wrote this blog, so keep reading 😉markfennell

I always remember growing up and as I watched an action movie I would imagine myself as the hero rescuing the girl, and having a happy ending with world disaster stopped because of my super human abilities. As the credits would roll, I would also roll out of the cinema with a bounce in my step thinking how life was great and I was indestructible. However as life moved along I discovered that it doesn’t always go like the movies say it will. There can be people who may hate you for no reason, there will be loss, loved ones passing away, people who will try and tell you that you are a failure, and lots of other negative oppositions to a life of bliss.

The double edged sword and the worst of these oppositions, is what you tell yourself. What you believe for your life, what you take on board about yourself. Here are some voices that can speak either good or bad into your life…

What people say…

First of all there will be people who will dislike you. The people who dislike you will sometimes tell you things to try and hurt you. If they have an insecurity, or jealousy, or just a dislike toward you, they may call you names, insult you, gossip, or maybe even worse. There can be many reasons why people don’t like you, but the fact is, their opinion is their opinion, so don’t make it your opinion of you.

What parents say…

What our parents or guardians say to us holds alot of weight. I remember a guy whom his parents told him that he was no good, and they told him all the time. He was lazy at school, but their approach only made things worse. He took on the belief that he was no good and still to this day he believes that about himself. We must be so careful what we say to our children because they respect your opinion, they trust their parents and so they believe what they hear. But parents can be wrong, this guy was so creative and artistic, but he never believed he was, because his father never said it. You may be bad at somethings, but you will be good at other things, and if your parents never highlighted your gifts, then discover them for yourself. A good parent encourages strengths and works with weaknesses in a loving way and a balanced way.

What my boss says…

When we engage a career we will look up to the people more experienced in that field. It is normally our boss or a senior manager. So when they tell us that we are hopeless at that skill, it can cut like a knife. Our hopes of being good at that profession can be destroyed in one swoop. This is because we recognize their position and experience. Take their advice, but be careful,never take an insult on board. Even bosses will have a bad day sometimes. Get more training, but don’t give up on your passion, you are still learning.

What I say to me…

To be the best you can be and live a life that is fulfilling is not decided by anybody else but YOU. You hold the power to decide what you become in life.

Be careful…

– what you tell yourself internally
– what you believe about yourself
– what you speak over yourself
– what you allow spoken over you by others

It is YOU who decides what YOU become. If you are like me, that seems like an awful big responsibility. How will I know what to do, what to believe, and how will I know what is best for me all the time? That is where God comes in. But remember even God gave you a free will to make choices, but if you choose to put God first, He will guide you to the right choices. Its hard to fit it all down, but take it from me, you can have a great life, but you need God to have it.

In conclusion:
Work on your weaknesses but focus on your strenghts.
Believe what God says about you and let that be ALL you believe and think on.
You will be the best you that you can be, but you have to believe it.

We are all super heroes in our own right 😉
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