Happy blessed New Year

A year has passed some might say at last,
A new year to ponder and to wonder,
What great things does God have in store,
Blessings,Joy,Love more and more

New beginnings is what I say,
Prayin,trusting,believin each day,
Stepping out of the boat to boldly go,
It’s not for notice or for show,
But to allow God and to let go

My wife,my family,& my friends,
We keep it real and never pretend,
Loving God,loving each other,
Sticking closer than a brother

On this adventure we call life
There may be pain and some strife
But hold your heads up high and know that we’ll all be alright so just let go

Live laugh and love some more
It’s a new year so lets all cheer
Who knows, it remains to be seen
what we”ll embrace in this new year of 2013

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