But SIN is fun!

Having a conversation with a friend the other day and we got talking about God. The simple reason was he felt God had so many rules that it was almost impossible to obey them all. He liked having a few pints with the lads, getting drunk, and chasing after girls with a chance he might get a kiss or even more. He said how he actually liked doing what the Bible mostly says not to do. What he was talking about was true, for many people, some sin is fun.i like sin

My friend is right. There are sins we actually will like to do. Thats the whole point of temptation. If we had zero interest in something, then the likelihood of us being drawn to it are practically zero. When it comes to temptation itself, we only get tempted by things we may have a desire or curiosity for. Its easy to say no to drugs if you never had drugs or where that way inclined. But if you have tried a softer drug in your past then there is more of a chance of you being tempted to try a hard drug when the opportunity presents itself. How you deal with temptation defines how your self control, mental strength, and maturity are doing.

OK so lets take it back to the 10 commandments for example. God told us we should not do. Don’t kill, steal, commit adultery, etc. When I read the 10 commandments, I can see what my friend was talking about. God was giving us rules to adhere to. What my friend was looking for was more of a “no moral code of conduct”. To sleep around, get drunk, and take drugs if so desired. To my friend and many others, this is the making of what they consider a great social life. To live a life on how we feel, always in pursuance of the next feel good fix.

Why did God give us rules to follow?

Why does God want to stop the party? You see God gave us our own free will. But He didn’t leave us up to our own devices, so He gave us guidelines. When I was younger my mum and dad had rules. From an early age they taught me not to play with sharp knives or poke things into the fire. I see these same life skills taught to my nephews as they grow up to explore the world. If a fire or hot stove grabs my nephews attention, his mum will say “hot,hot” and this is the word he knows means danger. As we grow older the rules get added to. We are told not to fight, to give respect, and all of the typical household rules that loving parents instill in their children.

One thing I do need to mention, just as I shared with my friend. God is not just about the “do not do’s”, instead He is more importantly about the “do’s”. Many times God would say “don’t do this” but instead “do this” and it will lead to a more fulfilled life.

God was simply giving us rules that would protect us. We are free to stray but God knows that if one chooses to play God and make up their own moral policy, it may end badly. The reason God gave us rules was just like a loving mum or dad gives rules. It is to protect you of dangers. It’s not to stop you having fun. Instead God gives us warnings to protect us. He created us and loves us, hence He doesn’t want us to destroy our lives.

I must admit religion isn’t for me. Obeying rules just because somebody says so or everybody else is out of habit. Instead knowing God is out for your best intentions and by that fact CHOOSING to follow His guidelines based off your own relationship with God, is the way forward.

Short term satisfaction resulting in long term dissatisfaction…

Sin can seem like fun, but long term, it may leave you empty inside. The problem with this is we will push the boundaries all the time for that “short term high” and it may lead to soul destroying habits. True meaningful contentment and fulfillment can only come to those that acknowledge their inner spirit and accept Gods guidance is for their good and not for their harm. As I say, have fun, but think long term about those short term highs and ask are they worth it. Do your decisions at the weekend lead you to be the successful person you always wanted to be, or do they go in the opposite direction? Please do comment below or subscribe to my news article to keep up to date by Clicking Here.

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  1. Wow ! This speaks volume , sometimes I wish I hadn’t done some things cause I face the consequences and its not fun .

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