One 2 One Sessions:
If you are wanting more from life, need to overcome anxiety, or want to change your “stinking thinking”, then you may need a LifeCoach. Mark Fennell can be booked for One2One calls and sessions. Going to the gym and working out is one thing, but having a personal coach will transform your gym experience, this is exactly what a Life-Coach is for. A Life-Coach will help you work smarter not harder at the challenges we face in life. From relationships, to our mental attitude. Mark will help you overcome lives challenges and gain new healthy perspective on life. To book Mark fill in the contact form below.

Corporate Bookings:
Getting the most out of your workforce is vital in toad ays economy. Mark il set up group sessions with your work force and help them reach their full potential. For more information fill in the form below.

Event Booking:
If you would like to book Mark Fennell to come and speak at your event please fill in the contact form below with the details.
Mark is a dynamic and humorous speaker with over 12 years of public speaking experience around the world. Speaking at events, on television, and radio are opportunities that he truly enjoys and is always very grateful for.

TV/Radio Appearances:
Mark has many years experience in presenting and contributing on TV and Radio dealing with lives issues and challenges. If you would like Mark to contribute on your show please email the details of the show and the topic by filling in the form below.

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