7 thoughts on flirting

7 thoughts on flirting. Is flirting ok? Is there a line? Or is it wrong altogether?mark fennell

The great man Nelson Mandela went home to Heaven, and at his funeral memorial captured in the audience was Barack Obama having a laugh with the Danish Prime Minister. However the photo also captured Michelle Obama not looking all that impressed. Was Obama flirting? Was he just having a laugh? Well that’s not for me to say. But it did cause everybody to talk all about how they felt he was flirting and Michelle was bulging with jealousy. Rather than discuss what I think was the case, it does raise the question “Is Flirting OK?”.

7 things to consider about flirting:

1: Flirting can create temptation
This is a bit of an obvious one. But there is many a man who said those famous last words “sure its only a bit of harmless fun”. It may feel like fun, but the fun element is about how close we can get with somebody without feeling guilty or feeling we have crossed the line.

2: Flirting can give the other person the wrong idea
You may have restraint, but you can’t stop the other person getting the idea that maybe you are interested in them. Its also a bit strange if you like the idea of making people fancy you when you have no interest in them or you are in a relationship already.

3: Flirting can cause problems
Play with fire and you will eventually get burned. Being single and being a flirt may cause problems when people you flirt with see that you are like this with everybody. You might pick up a nickname you’d rather do without.

4: Flirting can make your partner feel neglected.
If you are in a relationship, flirting most likely will make your partner feel neglected. Why give your attention to another person besides your partner?

5: Flirting can give a false impression.
If you are the flirtatious type, it can paint a picture to others that you are the easy type. It may cause you to lose respect of others.

6: Flirting can be manipulative.
If somebody flirts with you, do bare in mind that some people get a kick out of it and they may be just playing games with you.

7: Is flirting ok?
To sum this up, I’ll put it like this. Be clear what you define as flirting. If you are in a relationship the only person you flirt with is your partner. If you are single be careful. Wikipedia says:

“Flirting is a social and sometimes sexual activity involving verbal or written communication as well as body language by one person to another, suggesting an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person.”

So when you do find somebody you like, do show them your interested but keep the sexual side out of it. To put it simply, by being caring and respectful goes alot further than flirting in the emotional currency or somebody. The facts are that relationships that begin based on a friendship connection tend to go the distance rather than ones that began from a sexual or flirtatious connection. Flirting can be a game of toying with people. Men love to flirt for it makes them feel confident when it is reciprocated. For some women it makes them feel attractive and hence they love it when men show interest. Do be careful and enjoy life without playing with the fiery passions of others. It is great to have fun, but its dangerous to flirt. Value yourself, for some might say flirting is a cheap thrill.
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